Any Spoke guys fish today?


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I was in town today helping my sister move. All I could think about as I made round trips in the pick-up, was how nice of a day it was, and how I wish I was at the gun club run. bawling:


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Went skiing instead. I really enjoy it and it is a family thing for us. My 5 year old daughter is really getting the hang of it and is starting to be fun to go with her and she enjoys it. Been to long since I have been fishing so need to get out.
Of course you went fishing. I should have phrased the question, "has anyone but John."

It is amazing, the less I fish the less I like you. Last time I was out was the last time we went exploring. Many, many, many moons ago.
Will let you know when you need to come fish the Spoke for the browns, only a few more weeks until they lower it in prep for run off:thumb:
Mike....that hurts....bawling: I promise to read the map a little better next time:clown:

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