Pimp your gas grill


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Turbo Sport Infrared Stainless Steel Portable Grill

Ceramic radiant burner and all stainless steel. Locks closed like a suitcase. Take it camping, fishing, on the boat, to the park for a picnic. Its small, but three years and going strong.


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I bought a stainless steel Charbroil grill a few years ago at Lowes. Stainless is worthless when they use non stainless screws to assemble it. Complete POS. Within three months the thing was a rust bucket. Replaced it with a gas grill from Sears, no problems in three years. Those metal pans someone mentioned for putting in the chips work really well.

If you're out on a urban river like the Cedar, you can find your grill laying in the bushes. Seems to work for me. Just add some flame and you're good to go ;)

David Loy

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That's a sweetie. Grill basket, toaster rack, portable. Put the dishes or undies in, chuck it out there and it's a river powered washer too.

Jerry Daschofsky

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I have the charbroil stainless bbq on my back deck. It's about 3 years old and I don't have any problems with it. It's the model with the ceramic grills (instead of the metal ones). It's worked flawless for me (and I do ALOT of bbq'ing with it). Like Ive (think it was Ive who said it) I simply take soaked wood chips and put them into heavy aluminum foil. I then sprinkle some dry chips on top of those soaked ones and fold the foil. I simply poke holes in the top. My BBQ has 4 burners with heat diffusers over each burner. I toss the pouch on the far left burner and let the other 3 stay off (good BBQ means indirect heat). I let the smoker start up and once the smoke starts billowing out I toss in whatever I plan to BBQ. What's cool, my BBQ came with the grills designed to remove just one that sits over a single burner so you can BBQ with it. I was on vacation last week, and slow BBQ'd about 40#'s of ribs. Family had a hayday with them (including the homemade cornbread I made with it).

I have quite a few portable grills. Getting rid of alot of old ones and upgrading to all new (well, keeping one of my original 3 burner yukon and misc accessories). Nice thing I love about the grills I work with, I can toss them into a back section of my camper or keep a 2 burner with misc accessories in my driftboat and use on a quick shorelunch.