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Say anything, the ataris, blink-182, rise against, Death Cab, incubus, Jack, Dave, but when we hit the put in, its metallica, whiskey in the jaro!
hell ya say anything and rise against, those are both two pretty legit bands, as far as well known bands, the used, taking back sunday, sublime, escape the fate, senses fail and atreyu. Unknown bands, i am ghost, from aphony, monty are i, and crash romeo


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have you seen say anything live? had a few drinks with them and watched them crush at el corazon a few years ago, great show. i love TBS as well.


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Real Baller Lyrics

Wanna be a -- baller, shot caller
Twenty inch blades -- on the Impala
A caller gettin laid tonight
Swisher rolled tight, gotta sprayed by Ike
I hit the HIIIGHWAY, making money the FLYYYY WAY
But there's got to be a BETT-ER WAYY!
A better way, better way, YEAH-AHHHH

Fishing Translations

Wanna Be a Skwala, egg layah
20 inch hooks, too small on the ree vah
lady bugs getting laid tonight
Spinner fall and fight, trout gonna eat me right

I hit the cuuuurrent, the river superhighway
A trouts gunna eat me right, eat me right, eat me right

God this weather sucks, i am translating rap songs into fishing lyrics and this football game is boring me...i am going to go tie
I was gonna go see them last october with at the showbox, i ended up not being able to go, i wasn't very happy about it. apparently there was actually moshing during say anything, which makes me laugh.

i fuckin love el corazon, best venue ive ever been to. its so small and so loud, its great.

next week mye and some ppl are driving to anaheim to see i am ghost live. we got finals the day before the show, so were gonna leave right after we get out of school and drive straight through and hope we get there soon enough, should be interesting.

some other good music is motion city soundtrack, red jumpsuit, midtown, mindless self indulgence, and aiden. I saw aiden at el corazon last september, pretty epic show. by far craziest show ive ever been to

have you seen say anything live? had a few drinks with them and watched them crush at el corazon a few years ago, great show. i love TBS as well.


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I am big into the westcoast punk, ska, regae shizz. Check out some Slightly Stoopid, LBDA, Sublime (of course), Rancid, Matis., NoFX, Bad Religion, Marley, Jack Johnson, Ohhh and so much more..........
Out--Deep Purple, Rainbow, Ted Nugent, UFO, Screaming Trees, Ronnie James Dio, Judas Priest, Pink Floyd, The Clash, Foghat, Frank Marino and Mahogony Rush

Back - Blues...Albert Collins, Walter Horton. Albert King, Son Seals, John Lee Hooker, Allman Bros.

Chris Puma

hates waking up early
here's what i listened to yesterday...

lil' wayne - da drought 3
jay z - grey album
deltron 3030 - s/t
bright eyes - fevors and mirrors
cursive - such blinding stars for starving eyes
fucked up - hidden world
cock sparrer - live in nyc/san fransisco
cro mags - age of quarrel
no hope for the kids - storkobenhavn
misfits - earth ad
black flag - the first 4 years
desaparecidos - read music. speak spanish
velvet underground -reloaded
Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Dan Foggerty, anything old like myself. A little side note. Foggerty had a place on the Grande Rhonde right at Troy, just across the river. Couple of brthers I know who have been buying up a lot of the real estate around Troy bought the Foggerty place a couple years ago. They said when they walked into it the first time, that it was like stepping back into the '70's. Gold shag carpet, wood grain paneling, orange formica counter tops and greenish toilets. Said it had quite a bit of paraphanelia from the Creedance days, even got a guitar or two. They said they were going to keep just as they found it and I believe you can rent it.
Also, Hemmingway has a place in the hills above Schummacher. A guide we used a couple of years ago is also the caretaker there.

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