1 more line question

ok so i finaly have my rod in line to be built.

i got a good idea on lines and what i want for beach fishing. but i have yet to figure out what i want for steelhead.

the rod is the 7wt rainshadow switch rod. i got to feel the blank today for the first time and it feels really close to the beulah.

so what lines are you guys running for steelhead on your beulahs?

i have a rio dc 200gr 24ft sink tip line right now...i do have a guy that wants to buy it...but selling it for way under half of what i payed for it kinda sucks.

do you guys think that line would work for my rod? i would hate to sell it now if it might work. BUT i dont want to hold onto it if it wont. sence my rod wont be done for a couple weeks. and i would like to get a line that will work on the rod before its done.

anyway thanks guys

Red Shed

"junkyard spey"
Bankwalker I highly recommend your visiting Kristin and Ron at All About the Fly in Monroe, Washington. They have forgotten more about the Rainshadow blanks then most people will ever know and they are easy to deal with to boot. Also the Sunday Spey Casting at Ben Howard is a good deal. It lets you try before you buy, which is the very best way.