Spey rod deal... or not?

Discontinued? Must be a reason for that. A $99 rod will more than likely perform like a $99 dolor rod. Yes it might get the job done but if your are interested in learning how to cast a double handed rod you need to do a little leg work first. But then it sounds like that is what you are doing. You don’t have to spend a grand on a rod but you do need to select the proper equipment if you want to have a positive experience. Learning how to cast the long rod is not easy especially when your equipment is poorly designed or miss matched. Don’t waist you money.
Why dont you go and march right up to Simon Gawesworth's face and tell him HE wasted his money on HIS rs3?!?!??!! THEN TELL HIM HIS FAVORITE ROD IS POORLY DESIGNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bought the Redington rod you mentioned in 13' for my girlfriend. I was really suprised with the quality of the components and the castability.

IMO it's a great value and a great way to get into speycasting.


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all the RS3 speys are well worth their original $350 price, and are a steal at discount. I've been fishing the 7133 for a few years now. Bought it secondhand as a backup, and somehow it migrated to become one of my "go-to" rods. Scando 475-500 gr, skagit 550-580 + tips, short heads 520-570 grains, midbellies 550-600 grains. It gets finicky with mid / long lines, but otherwise handles quite capably. My favorite is an SA short 7/8 for waking flies on my favorite summer river


I also bought the 14 foot 8 weight in Post Falls - couldn't pass it up. I normally fish the Sage 6126 with a floating line, but thought this would be a good "big water" rod and for throwing sink tips. Anyone have a good line recommendation - either Rio or Airflo multi tips or a Skagit system?
I also bought the 14 foot 8 weight in Post Falls
I've never tried it, but I would be willing to bet that Airflo Delta 8/9 would be sweet on that rod.

Try PM'ing Evan Burk, I think he has that rod and can probably help. I casted his with his some sort of Skagit set up on it and it did pretty well, but it was 20F and snowing so the line was freezing to the guides with every cast and it wouldn't shoot the line so I gave it right back to him.


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