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Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
As of yesterday, (Saturday) the used book store in Duvall, Duvall Books, has a copy of Michael Radencich's, Tying the Classic Salmon Fly as well as a copy of Judith Dunham's, The Art of the Trout Fly.

The Art of the Trout Fly is sort of a coffee table book but it does contain some excellent photos of beautifully tied flys. Given that one of the best ways to learn about flies is to simply look at them and think about what you are seeing, it does have some value to the tier beyond pretty pictures.

Radencich's book is a very well done how-to book on Salmon flies. Anyone interested in taking their tying to the next level would be well served by this book.

While neither of these books is hard to find, you are not likely to find them cheaper anywhere else.
Condition is excellent.


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