Bass in Western Wa

I dont fish 4 bass but i have seen some large ones in lake wilderness while fishing for trout in my tube. and i have friends who have caught 5 pounders on morten and sawyer.

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Right across the Hood Canal Bridge. Any of the lakes around there have nice populations of bass and bluegill in the summer. They aren't big, but they are numerous.
Hit Lake Sixteen in Skagit county and wipe them out. The bucket biologists brought them in and they ate what were left of the west slope cuts native to the lake.


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I've never felt bad about bonkin' those bass in 16, too bad about those cutts. Really miss em'. And don't forget Grandy lake up by Baker way, that use to be a sweet cutt lake too until all those bass showed up.

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pretty much any lake in WA has em. blackmans here in snoho has plenty of em. got a 4lber, and a couple 2's last year, didnt bass fish it much last year.


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Lake Washington. :thumb:
Lake Cavanaugh....and if you go there then Cranberry @ Deception.
Lake Roseiger.
and others mentioned above.
There are actually MANY good bass lakes in W. Washington. Some lakes they get very little pressure too.

I would say it is far easier to get a 6 pound bass on the fly than a 6 pound trout in W. Washington.

It is all about the season though, you gotta fish them when it gets to the evenings of the dog days of summer; blue skies with very little weather change for 3 or more days. Other months are okay too but it is the dog days when you can have fish on every cast if you find a nice quiet little pond or lake somewhere.

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Campbell Lake on Fidalgo Island (near Anacortes) has some decent sized Bass in it. Lots of Crappie and Bluegill too...

Also in Skagit County is Big Lake, which has the same.


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Thanks guys but its not my first time bass fishing, I have bass fishid from 2-3 years old. Im just looking for little ponds that are accesible from shore or belly boat.:D


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Bassonfly -
Virtually every water in the Puget Sound area that has public access has bass.

A resource that you might find helpful in localing bass ponds would be:

Click on the county of interest.

If folks are concern about the impacts of the bass on the trout population a couple things should be kept in mind. One it is virtually impossible to fish a bass population out once they are extablished. Two most of the impacts on trout population is typically from competition for food rather than predation. It is the small young of year and yearling bass that compete directly with the trout for food items. Three angling can change the age/size structure of bass population. Leaving the older/larger fish in the population (selectiely removing the smaller fish) leads to a more balanced population where the larger bass help control the number of small bass and in effect improving the trout survival. A lake with a balanced mixed species population will never produce the kinds of poundage of trout that a single species lake will however such waters often produce some very nice trout and in many cases they can be larger than those found in a single species water.

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