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Do any of you deer hair streamer folks have any tips on how the construct a deer hair wing so that it will not wrap around the hook? I keep playing with this with only moderate success. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)


Meat chucker
Slippery: I am assuming you are talking about bucktail or calftail as the wing. That hair is solid where as the body hair is hollow, except for the tips. When tying in a wing try cutting the hair at a 45 degree angle and then tying it in. This should help hold the bundle on the hook and help prevent slipping around the hook.

seanengman: Got your flies, nicely done!!
I was thinking more of the wing wrapping while fishing it. It seems if the bucktail or calftail is the slightest bit longer than the hook, after a couple casts it gets wrapped around the hook and won't fish right anymore. It is annoying to have to stop and unwrap every third or fourth cast.
I know I'm not in this swap, but I think I have the answer to slippery's problem. Try using a little less hair for the wing, and when you're tying the wing in, pinch both the wing and the shank of the hook in between your thumb and forefinger, then do about 4 or 5 wraps where you literally bring the bobbin straight up, 90 degrees from the shank, then stop, then bring it straight down. I know some of this sounds kind of obvious, but if you force yourself to stop when the bobbin is above the hook, it gets you to tie in your wing tight and secure.


Meat chucker
Just checking to see how you guys are coming on those streamers. Hoping we could wrap this up on time.

Jason - done
seanengman - got em

I can't wait to test these out on the Yakima and Montana this spring.


Meat chucker
Cameron got your flies today. They are absolutely wild, great patterns! So now we are all but one done. How the flies coming WPEB?
I have tied six of my eight. Will tie the other two tomorrow and will hopefully send em out same day. If not, they will definitely be in the mail on monday.
I forgot to tell you guys that I sent out my flies on monday. If they are not there by today they should be there by tomorrow.


Meat chucker
Checked the mail today and still no flies Phil, hopefully tomorrow they show up. As soon as they do I will get them sent out the next day.

Huh? I sent them out last monday, and they said they would be there by last thursday :confused:. Hopefully they will there soon.

Sorry about holding you guys up.


Meat chucker
Still no sign of the flies Phil. I don't know what is going on, I asked my roommate if he had seen anything and he said no. This happened in another swap that I was in and the flies showed up like a month after the swap was suppose to end. I don't know what I should do? Everyone ok with the wait on the flies?

Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous. I guess that is what I get for not buying insurance on the package. I don't want to keep everyone waiting, but I don't know what to do. If you don't get them in a couple days, let me know. I guess I could tie some more...:mad:

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