Pattern A good link.

Thanks! thats a great site and i expecially liked the hopper pattern (something about fishing hoppers always gets me going). going to have to try that pattern out soon!:thumb:
Interesting, Fred. I've been hanging out on some of the UK sites so I can pick up patterns from them. Very innovative bunch in the UK. Lately I've been tying wet flies in the Tummel and Clyde Style because they work and a lot of American trout have never seen them.

Ed Call

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Damn, I just bookmarked each of those stellar links. Now I will start taking my laptop down to my fly tying/rod building bench in the basement when I'm puttering. I think I will be using those links quite a lot in the weeks, months and years to come. Thanks to all for sharing such great resource locations. I've been tying some flies using photos only from places like Kaufman's and Orvis' catalogs, I'm never exactly sure if I have all the components just right. There will be little doubt now. I have to find another excuse for why my flies won't work..."I must have tied this in the wrong material, color, size, etc." Very cool links.