Announcing, "The ’08 O.P. Bash"


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I plan to fish the OP, but I don't know what days I'm going to be there yet. I've got the 28th off and should be able to get more time off. I'm thinking the week before this crowd beats the water to a froth might be most productive tho.


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I think I will definitely be attending 28-31. I've heard Ron @A.A.T.F talk about them and it sounds like a lot of fun. Being pretty green to chasing chrome on the fly I could use the time around some seasoned vets. Look forward to meeting you all.:beer2:


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White russians, and country club malt liquor in the little cans. I'll cruise over on the sunday. I'll try to get some of upriver apple pie.ptyd
Add my name to the list for attendance for the work week part of the shin dig. I will most likely show up between March 23 or 24th depending on fishing on the way up and unless fishing is off the hook, to leave Friday March 28th. Amie has given me leave to head to this event without her since she could not get time off and we both have plans already for the morning of the 29th.


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Alright, hopefully I'll feel good enough to fish hard by then. Damn elbow pain has killed most of this season, but I'll still try and get out a bit.

Going to plan on Thursday - Sunday(27th - 30) and take at least a few days off. Definitely need to get the heck outta dodge rain or shine! May head out at least part of the way on Wednesday evening.

Oldman, you really heading out?!? Do it! Looks like a good number of people are committed or need committed! :eek:

Anyone have an extra seat for Friday and/or Saturday? Would love to get at least one float in...

Just Bill... :cool:

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You should all be comitted. Then I feel at home in the nut house.

It all depends on me getting another vehicle. My Subaru is on it's last wheels(legs) and is about to go belly up.


By the way. What ever happened to the spring fling at Dry Falls. You all used to hit that in the spring before the spring opener.
By the way. What ever happened to the spring fling at Dry Falls. You all used to hit that in the spring before the spring opener.
We had the Dry Fall trip last year Jim. We had the smallest turn out I have ever seen with maybe only a dozen from this board showing up. Those that did go had a good time, though the fishing was tough even in the evenings. Not sure why we had such a low turn out since there was plenty of notice given and all but it seemed like only the real hard core members went last year.

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Well I have a new fishing rig so if the pass's aren't covered with snow and I ain't snowed in I'm coming. :thumb::thumb:

Now all I have to do is set it up for sleeping and eating. This shouldn't take long as now my mind is into it.:beathead::beathead:



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I have my lawyer looking into the dead dude issue. Most states laws state;" all persons must have a PFD readily available" It does not mention living or not ,nor' does it does not define if being dead now puts you in the non-person catagory or not. Personally I would guess that being dead now makes one a non-person , but I do drink alot .

Maybe the fact that it's a another passenger onboard's relative changes things as well. It is Washington after all. You know? Brother or sister , yes still a person, offspring; forsure,,, ex wife or mother in law- never was a person to begin with.
Well big brother is in box and the box is in a bag, one of those tasteful gift bags that you put presents in. Which I thought was pretty weird, but that's what the funeral parlor lady puts the remains in when you get them.A gift bag? Still strange now. Anyway the bag has handles on it so I'm thinking I could tie on a couple of balloons and that should keep him sort of afloat. If not...well burial at sea kinda.

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Hey, had a great idea for a floatation vest. Buy a beer koozie, cut it so it opens up, and strap it to the urn. Then you'll have a good floatation device on your brother. :)

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