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o mykiss, can i 'prove' that the indian nets eliminated the wild steelhead from various hood canal rivers?? well of course not, no one can 'prove' anything about any fishery. does it seem 'logical' that unlimited, unregulated fishing following boldt dropped stocks to the point where they could not recover? you bet.

jbuehler, i have lived in the PNW for some 50 decades, by choice. i fished steelhead hard and long for most of those early decades. my ability to hook and kill steelhead is well documented among those i used to fish with. but, i have groucho eyes, and i can clearly see runs of fish disappearing at an alarming rate. did you see the statistics posted in a previous thread?? about 2,800 returning steelhead to the dungness r. this year the hatchery was pleading with local anglers to let them know if anyone landed a buck so they could come and collect the milt for the LONE female at the hatchery.

now you may add that up to '...the runs are not in trouble...', my conclusion is yet another river and another genetically diverse strain is gone. so my solution several years ago, was once again to stop fishing for steelhead entirely. if i hooked a wild steelhead today, i would be scared to death that my ability to be an apex predator would be dooming that very fish. now find me a river with hatchery fish, and almost no probability of a wild fish anywhere in the vicinity, and i will go fish.

i believe all of the past decisions have finally tipped the scale against wild steelhead. this has not occured overnight, mind you, but the downhill slide is accelerating. don't like my opinion??? no worries, seek comfort in your own.


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Without a reduction in harvest (especially ocean harvest), we will never know what the possibilities are for population increases. We can't just sit here and cry about what has and hasn't been done and how badly humans have screwed up. We have to get off our asses and make some changes. We can plant trees, change seasonal regulations, clean up the pollution, etc all you want (those are good things) but nothing is going to change until we change policy from the top down. Everybody has to get involved, join CCAPNW now and start a wave of change!

There are so many great organizations doing great things out there, but we need to be one big army!

Thanks for the great thread everyone!

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