Fish Porn: Good or Bad?

I think cameras have contributed to more over handling of native steel than anything else.

If people were more responsable with the fish and snapped a quickie with it in the water than I think that is great.

The 10 pic series involving natives makes me upset though. That is just proof for bragging rights.
Fish Porn = Very good !!! They are Gods most beautiful creations Brothers. I look at them over and over. Do I take pictures of every fish ? Nope !! But I look at everyone of them on this web site !!!:thumb::thumb:

John Hicks

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I wonder how many hero shots of guys with big fish are really subconscious attempts to compensate for a perceived inferiority, like being short or having a small dick . . . ;)


Kent and I'm Asian :eek:

Boy do I need a lot of compensating or what!

In all seriousness though, I love taking shots of great fish that I or friends of mine catch on the river. They don't have to be slabs they just need to be special. Either good colors, situation, or something else that made that moment special.

Luke Ramirez

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I love all the fish pics in the gallery. Checking out all the pics is one thing I really look forward to on this site. It's fun to share your experiences (good and bad) with people that have the same interests. Sometimes people want to show off a really nice fish because you are proud or really excited. There is absoulutely nothing wrong with that and for those who don't like the hero or fish shots, just ignore them and don't make others feel lame for posting them. Besides, it's fun to see someone's excitement about a really nice catch or some cool scenery or whatever. I like how there is a good balance of hero shots, scenery, odd/funny things, travel photos, etc. Just look at the ones you like, and skip the ones you don't.
Again, I'm not trying to make anyone feel lame. The thought just came to me last night and I wondered how all the other people on WFF felt about it.:cool:
I can see where your coming from but have to disagree a little. I take picture like others have said for me. I love to sit down with my photo album when the rivers are blown out and remember all the wonderful trips and fish that I have encountered. As I get older and the years pass it's nice to look back and remember

This thread reminds me of an experience I had a number of years ago. I was fishing on a boat in the Bering Sea and the Skipper called a crew meeting to inform every one of the do's and don'ts. On his don'ts list he informed everyone that there would no talking about each others girlfriends/wives. Said it let to hard feelings and often fights. Turns out it was'nt that he did'nt want us talking about each others girlfriends/wives, so much as he did'nt want us talking about his girlfriend, who was a dancer at a titty joint. Now I don't have any problems where one finds love but obviously he did.
Or maybe it's more like the liberals who think that because a minute segment of a society believes in nothing then the rest must curb thier expression of belief in something.
Funny, this thread reminds me of conservatives, who seem to think everyone should believe exactly as they do. ;)

Personally, I say post 'em if you snap 'em....smoke 'em if you got 'em. If you don't want to see them, just keep on scrollin'. :cool:

Kyle Smith

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Not even a close compairison:beathead: There hasn't been one fish I've hooked yet that I wouldn't have taken a picture of, as for your compairison to women that one may have been with....well......:eek::rofl::clown::) and after a fewww to many:beer1::beer1:'s well........ :eek:;) yeah..some of ya know what I mean...:rofl::rolleyes:
Anyway I would have a lot more pic's of fish........:thumb:
Holy crap! What an impressive emoticon extravaganza!:thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:


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My grandfather spent a lot of time fishing and hunting (never took pictures) around the small Wyoming town that he and my grandmother lived, it was what he loved to do. He taught my brother and I to fish when we were very young. Several years ago, as his health was failing he could no longer get out and would tell my brother and I his fishing and hunting tales. One of his favorite stories surrounded catching a "2 and a half foot long brown trout" and excitedly hurrying over to the hardware store to show one of his friends. As he was walking across the lot the local newspaper man saw the fish and yelled at him to bring the fish over - apparently there was big fish contest in town that Saturday and he had unknowingly won. I was going through a box of books of his I had ended up with and found an old 5x7 black and white of him in the pages of one of his old Bibles (he was a pastor and looked to be about in his mid-30's, my age). He was dressed in his best suit with a grin from ear to ear holding a large brown trout (looks more like 22-23"). That picture is a treasure.

Rob Zelk

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If a fish is handled responsibly, they I think its great to have a photo. The thing about this is that it takes a while to learn how to properly handle a fish, and even someone who has handled tons of fish can't act flawlessly all of the time.

Just keep the thing in the clean water(not muddy water) until the camera man is ready. Remember that the fish has been fighting for its life in its mind, in essence, it has given its all and is stressed to the max before the photo is even taken. A couple quick shots, know your camera thoroughly. Know your camera thoroughly. Know your camera thoroughly... You get my point. Before you even start, if others are going to be handling your camera, give them the tutorial, let them get familiar with how it works before the time comes.

Photo responsibly, cheers!


Jim Ficklin

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I always carry a camera . . . have a small fortune tied-up in conventional SLR equipment & still use the stuff on occasion. I take a lot of memory shots . . . some fish, some game, some scenes, some folks, some critters, etc. I take them primarily for me, though at times I'll share. Too many wonderful "wish I had a camera" moments out there & small digitals are so relatively inexpensive, reasonably effective, & easy to carry that not carrying one in my mind is not an option. Can having a camera curse the success of an outing? Don't know . . . not superstitious (unless always donning my right sock first when playing sports years ago counts . . . and I still do it today. Habit by now, likely . . .).

Michael Thompson

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: i wonder if catch and release would have progressed as far is has if the camera had never been invented? seriously only the most devout practicers of catch and release wouldnt blink if they couldn't take pics of their catch.:confused:

i'm not saying we all drag our cameras along every time we fish, or that the only reason we do it is for the fishing pics. but just imagine if cameras were taken out of the fishing scene... i think it would tweak perspectives quite a bit.