Steelhead:Nymphing or Swinging

Get off your high Horse. Why do people think swinging flies is so amazing? Ounce the steelhead is on the drag is there any difference? What makes you so much better? Why do you have to judge how other people enjoy fishing? I can't believe how snooty and proud you guys think you are. I bet you drive a hybrid with your nose in the air and write threads on the prius website on how you have noticed people driving a pick ups. Ive swung for steelhead before and it is fun when they hit. I just prefer to nymph and catch more fish. anyways, no need for your judgmental posts. Enjoy what makes you happy. And your no better than anyone else.
Thomas, you need to go fishin' and contemplate the meaning of judgmental!!

stewart dee

Well I guess we know who swings and who uses the bead? I know this: A bead guy will say " I am going to use what works " and I think = If they would only spend that time swinging rather than behind the bobber the outcome would be different GOOD OR BAD. So after 8 pages of reading I think I need a Pizza and a Beer, good luck either way you fish.....

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Stewart, have you ever nymphed? With an indicator of some type? Without an indicator? I have seen guys that nymph without indicators and their technique is really refined and I'm a long way from talented enough to pull it off. It seems to happen in different water. Some may only use dries. Good for them. Good for everyone who is "to each his own". I think I can succesfully swing a fly through a run that is 3-5' deep, cobbled and textured on the surface. I'm not so sure that I have the skill set to swing a fly in a 15' deep hole that just screams "full of fish" to me. I've got a lot to learn.
Being someone that does both (i'm sure there are many of us)
I will have to say that one of the reasons I could never swing exclusively, (among several) is the "I'm better than you" attitude it seems to rub off on some people.
This post should be nicknamed the "Kenny" you know...Kenny from Southpark, he dies every episode he is in and then somehow manages to come back to life? and his purpose on the show really never made any sense but you always seem to laugh at him.
Is chironomidding or dragging a bugger fly fishing? And what about nymphing for trout? What is the definition of fly fishing?
That depends were you are fishing, if you are fishing in fly only water the state says, (paraphrase) 30' of fly line no wieght on the leader and fur feathers and the like covering half the hook.

I've never seen anybody chironomid for steelhead and dragging a bugger is swingin'


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seems like what your describing here is a VERY small aspect of nymphing. Personally, I don't nymph fish quite like that but I do nymph...usually with a two nymph rig with a heavy nymph (weighted stonefly) and a smaller nymph (egg pattern or whatever suits me at the time)...many times the way I'm 'casting' would be more of a 'lob' but I really don't think of it as not flyfishing...sure, I could cast it with the traditional cast, but I value my keeping my skull intact...can't feel good having a heavy stonefly nymph hitting you in the back of the noggin.

If you use the argument, "well, he's not using the flyline to get the fly out there", what about when you're trout fishing and the most effective way to catch a fish is dapping...would you not consider that flyfishing?

also, I've heard a number of people say that swinging flies amounts to nothing more than flossing...(I'm not among those who think this)...what would you say to that? just trying to give a different perspective to this only because I used to have such a close-minded opinion on the matter as not so much.

also, what would you say to those who utilize the Czech style of nymphing (a style that has been around for a really long time)? which utilizes the same type of 'lob' cast...

anyway, there's my two worthless cents...

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