vanguard vs outcast raft

just thought i would ask some of your guys thoughts on rafts. i have been looking at the outcast 1300 and the vanguard 13 foot both with casting platforms. both look very good. what are your guys thoughts on the two rafts? any body had any experience with these rafts. your responses are greatly appreciated.


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I have rowed and floated the PAC 1300 down the Yakima and the Wenatchee. I can't compare it to any other raft but it would serve my purposes. It was a little bit narrow for my personal tastes so if I were getting one, I would get the PAC 1400 which is a full 6 feet wide. I have no knowlege of Vangaurd but the Outcast is made by Aire and has a 10 year warrantee and a pretty good reputation behind it.

Good luck on your choice.
in my opinion the 13 footer, at least the pac13 is to small for three people comfortably, the key word being comfortably. you can do it but i spent a summer fishing out of one and didnt really like it. The rear seat sits almost out of the boat and I have watched a few people nearly bail out and my buddy who owned the boat did take a swim once because of it (unfortunately i wasnt with him that day to witness it). Upgrading to a 14 costs a couple hundred dollars but in my opinion its worth it. If you are interested in a pac 14 i have one for sale, hope that doesnt take away from my advice but thought i should chime in since i have spent some time in the 13. outcast (aire) does make a pretty solid boat sorry i cant say anything for the vanguard

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I have rowed both boats. I ended up buying the super duper puma / pac 1400 for the same reason prosopium mentioned. The aire boats are more maneuverable than the vanguard.


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I've owned an Aire Super Puma for about 9 years now. Its a GREAT boat for two, but it is marginal with the third fisherman in the aft seat - as others have mentioned. It's okay with three on big rivers (Clark Fork, Missouri, etc.) but on smaller/swifter streams, the person in back limits maneuverability. Also, not much room for stuff with the guy in back.

Where the boat really shines is with two anglers on rivers like the Bitterroot, which have lots of narrow channels, deadfalls, etc. The narrow width also means you can use shorter oars, which helps a lot in tight spots.

In short, I'd give it an A+ for 2 anglers and a C for 3 anglers.

Also, for quality and customer service you can't beat Aire.

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