do whitefish bite all year round and where can you catch alot of them perferbly the olympic penn cause dont cross the sound much. or if its worth going over the sound will try it. thanks ben
To be honest, I've never caught whitefish in the winter (when they are supposed to be most active), I usually catch them while trout fishing. I have found them in the Sanpoil River, Green River, and the Yakima River. The Green, Carbon, the Yakima, and the forks of the Snoqualimmie are the premier winter fisheries. I have heard of whitefish being caught in the Queets and tribs, as well. They take nymphs of all sizes, but on the Yak I have found them rising to BWOs.
I've caught them in the White river in the winter time. I also heard you can catch monster white fish in lake Roosevelt at certain times of the year, but I'm not sure if this is true or not.
Whitefish live in the slower water, not the frog water like SRC, but places like the deep slots below a riffle the long slow sections of rivers, places you don't normally find trout.

They hit nymphs very well, I landed a whopper whitefish in the upper canyon stretch of the Yak just above Thorp last month on a black stonefly nymph. If you are fishing nymphs you generally need to make a presentation right in there face as I have not often found them to move far out of the way to take them. I have often caught whitefish on drys, but typically only when there is a hatch. They can be a little finicky and leader shy. Comparaduns (and tiny any patterns in the fall) work well.

They are common and prolific in most local rivers. I sometimes fish for them when everything else is slow. I think they are the most fun to fish for when you can sight fish for them.


yeah i heard they were pretty fun to fish for i want to check it out . thanks Ben

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