Beadhead vs. Non-Beadhead

Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
I'm always curious to learn if some of our "improvements" to time proven fly designs work in the manner desired (assumed) or like the third tailight on autos the effect is short lived Scott
There are more third tailights in fishing than you can shake a stick at, (pun intended).
They have always been there and with just a little bit of perspective they have always been worth a chuckle if not an outright guffaw.

Today's tail lights are in many ways no different than those of 100 years ago. Designed to catch the fishermen not the fish. Catch and release, Catch the fisherman and release him of his hard earned cash with a promise of more, bigger and of course better.

Whatever the answers, sure makes creative tying and fishing fun! Scott
And thats what its all about isnt it.


Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
The only salvation for my garage is the fact that my wallet controls my passion!
Clearly you haven't discovered bamboo rods yet.

When you do, there'll be no stopping you. Like a meth addict, you'll loot your savings account, your 401k, your son's piggy bank, and sell everything you own to support your new-found habit. House, marriage, family, job. They'll all be a small price to pay.

Pray long and hard you don't hear cane's siren song. ;)



Sculpin Enterprises
I tie both beadhead and non-beadhead chironomids. I will fish two or three flies if legal and will often mix a larger beadhead and a smaller nonbead chironomid (or two). The beadhead carried the mix down to the depth that I want to work. The nonbead fly is tied off the bend of the former and is freer to bob up and down in the subtle currents.

95% of the time in the still water I go without a bead. I have a hard time understanding the sink rate with a bead. I think I read somewhere that a beadhead flys looks unnatural when being stripped.

On the other hand, I think that they are an effective way to get your fly down on the skinny water. Also if I were a chrony guy, I would definitely use them.

Steven Green

Hood Canal Pirate
I've found that adding darker colored bead heads or cone heads to marabou streamers is gold. At the lakes near my house a streamer without bead/conehead will catch nothing.

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