S Sound 2/13

Fished 9:00 AM to dusk. 3 silvers to hand on the outgoing tide. Low tide was dead and it stayed that way until about noon, then I picked up a couple more silvers. I was targeting SRC along the beaches but,didn't get into them until after high tide about 2:30 PM.

One of my favorite beaches seems to be turning on again and I picked up 3 SRC in about 30 min. from 4:00 to 4:30, all 15" to 16". One of them was just crazy, jumping several times and making a great show for a 15" fish! LDRed one more just at dusk.

I also got to see a coyote digging a hole in one of the bluffs above a beach. I wondered if they're starting to get ready to throw pups?

It was a good day with great weather and I was glad to be getting into some fish again!