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Here's another wood boat in my collection - This one is a 16' Listerbuilt my grandfather had. Made in Olympia 1930's. Has an inboard air-cooled engine that pushes it at around 5 knots between fishing spots. Cedar strip construction on oak frames. Makes a nice casting platform fro SRC, and the little cabin stays warm.

I got broad-sided in it a few years ago by some drunk pulling away from shore in a big gas-hog cruiser. Took the cabin pretty much off the boat, and swamped the back end. Needs some more work to get it back in the water, but I'll get to it eventually.
Here's a pic of my baby...



I had great time building this and looking to start another project....

I'm hoping to make it to the Mckenzie show this April and definitely interested in hooking up with some of you Seattle boyz for a float... April and early May work, March is a little booked though....


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Nice job building your boat. It looks great. I have not yet tried to tackle building a Montana Boatbuilders kit, but hope to have the time to do so someday soon. Meanwhile, Jason built two boats for me. I am proud to own his 3rd (driftboat) and his 50th (2 Person pulling boat). Both are incredible boats, a joy to row, and way more durable than people could imagine. I am planning to trade up to one of his newer driftboat models, probably a Kingfisher, this year. According to my wife, the first step is to sell the existing driftboat, a task I have found too hard to do, so far.

A wooden boat festival would be great. I am in the Seattle area, but would travel a reasonable distance to join. Moving or still water is fine with me.

Here's my two:


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Bob, I've owned 3 wood boats. All were wonderful almost living things in the first half of their lives and a real pain in the ass towards the end. If you have the time, budget and the inside storage, wood is a great material, maybe the best. If you don't, save yourself the grief and get a good looking glass or aluminum shell with some nice wood trim. That's my 2 cents anyway.
Don...too late. Im doomed. :rolleyes:

Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
So is anyone interested in getting together sometime this year and showing thier pet projects?

This is becoming more popular. I know there has been a show in Jackson for the past few years, and the folks in Vida OR have been getting together. See web link http://www.mckenzieriverdriftboat.com/

I may trundle down to this one to meet some of the founding fathers, or at least their sons. What an amazing legacy. We are so blessed with the results of their desire, curiousity and experimentation.

Builders, let me know your thoughts and suggest some places and times. The challenge is finding some common ground (water) for the different styles. I'm good with stillwater, as long as there is an evening drift close by. We can do this like some of the antique car shows, and have an entrance fee, with the small plaque or trophy to the winner and proceeds to charity like TU, CCA or Ho River Trust.

Lets have some fun.

Ross, Great Idea! :thumb:


My son and I built a canoe from a kit. The company is Pygmy boats in Port Townsend. We took it on a 50-mile canoe trip with our Scout troop and it was the fastest boat on the water. It hasn't been fishing yet, but will this summer. My wife says I'm doing their "Wineglass Wherry" next.


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showing off pet projects

Build a canoe? Build a drift boat? Canoe? Drift boat? Canoe? Drift boat?
Put together a show, and I for one will come. Definately!:thumb:

Bob Triggs

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My son and I built a canoe from a kit. The company is Pygmy boats in Port Townsend. We took it on a 50-mile canoe trip with our Scout troop and it was the fastest boat on the water. It hasn't been fishing yet, but will this summer. My wife says I'm doing their "Wineglass Wherry" next.
I hear that Pygmy Boats ( www.pygmyboats.com ) is going to be offering a new "freighter" canoe kit with a square transom and all. That and the possibility of a longer version of the Wineglass Wherry has me happily expectant.
Riverrun... love the lapstrake rowing skiff... simply beautiful!!! Boats like that inspire me to build again... I stopped in at Rays River Dories the other day to check out his framed boats... Im thinking about building a smaller framed db or pram just to build again..

Jason, I'd say around $2500 for the boat but it was spread out over time so it wasn't a huge shock to the wife :beer2: Although the fact that I was in the shop for 18mo didn't help my case with her. you can build for more or less depending on the materials, paint, etc... I think the Honky Dory plans say the boat can be done for as little as $1200...keep in mind that doesn't include trailer. oars, etc....
Okay lads and ladies, I have it... There is a Traditional Small Craft Association outing at Bowman Bay State Park on March 22 2008. What a coincidence that Pass Lake is just up the hill. It might be a great opportunity for TSCA members to admire some of your wooden boats, and I KNOW TSCA members would be very pleased see your boats and share theirs with you.
The TSCA website is: http://www.tsca.net/puget/index.htm
I spoke to Gary Powell (the chapter President) and he invites one and all to join in. TSCA is a pretty loosely organized group of boaters that like to have an excuse to row, paddle, motor, or sail their boats around with other boaters. TSCA does not have any criteria for the method of material for for construction from what I've seen (hell, they don't mind my plywood boats, and I was thinking of taking my 'toon just to see what they say (not that I care)).
Anyway, If you are interested I for one will be there to go through Deception Pass and drag my favorite sparse bead head bugger around Pass Lake on the 22nd. Hope to see you there.
Tom C.


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I really like your idea about the TSCA outing. Thanks for the link to their site too. I am not real clear about Bowman Bay's location. Where is it located relative to Pass Lake? Should we just plan on Pass Lake?
I will see what I can do to reschedule a few things to try to make it there, especially if others are planning to attend. Unfortunately, I have a conflict at the moment.

MStein- my lapstrake rowing skiff is a take off of Arch Davis' Penobscot 17- http://www.by-the-sea.com/archdavisdesign. Jason Cajune of Montana Boatbuilders and I collaborated on some modifications to turn her into an estuary, lake fishing skiff for two. She was custom built to our plans and modified to incorporate some stitch and glue techniques.

Jason- I believe you can find the kit price for Penobscot 17 on Arch Davis' website. Having it custom built was substantially more. The prices for drift boats are listed on http://www.montanaboatbuilders.com. Mine is an early 17' Guide Model. Jason offers many different models in kits. He also has a link to a great boatbuilding forum on his site.

What do others think of Tom's idea for a meeting?

Bowman Bay is part of Deception Pass State Park. It is on the Fidalgo Island side. To get there turn onto Rosario Rd. as you would to launch at Pass Lake. Take the first left on Bowman Bay Rd. and follow it less than .5 miles until you see the bay. Here is the site for Deception Pass State Park: http://www.parks.wa.gov/parkpage.asp?selectedpark=deception+pass
I hear the "main event" at the TSCA outing is to row, paddle, sail, or motor little boats through Deception Pass. It is no big deal Al Gunther is the coordinator for this event and has done it many times. Like I said in my original post TSCA is pretty loosly structured, so if you want to do the "main event" great. If staying hydrated while stoking the camp fire is more your thing, that's fine too.
It is a family event and there will be some kids bobbing about:) although I will not be bringing my "terrible 20". But wait, my Dad is bringing me (his terrible 48).
Anyway, We hope to see you there.
Tom C.


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Lot's of nice wooden boats. I wish I had a picture of my nice little pram I had when I was a kid. We bought the boat unfinished. My father and I finished it, it was a clear finished wood with a white bottom. Some creep stole it off my parent property a few years later.

Guess it's time for me and my son to build a pram.


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