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I know you're sold on this boat but I have heard some bad things about the diamond plate that slides up to make the standing platform. for one thing its not that easy to slide forward and another guy who's had the boat was bitching about how slide part rubbed the powdercoat off the frame and this has now developed rust. I don't know if anyone's else experienced this or if using a little WD40 would just eliminate this hassle my friend had. Sounds like a solid boat otherwise.
Kiwi, Check my reply to Mattdunn in Pontoon Claims. If you've not ordered from Cabelas yet, I'd call Dave Scadden (www.northforkoutdoors.com) & see if he'll offer any deals. I got a sweet one last year. Maybe he'd like to see it in NZ??
I love mine. JB, I had a bit of scuffing, thats what touch-up paint is for. Aluminium rust?? I did have a broken weld after 2 months on the standing platform, Scadden shipped a new platform immediately, no service problems here! K-Pumps rock & be sure you get a low pressure gauge. NRS has them for about $30, fast shippers, too. You'll not be able to judge 2-3 PSI recommended pressure. I thought mine was tight at 1.5 before checking. a good investment. I run at 2-2.5 in stillwaters, 2.5-3PSI in moving (fast) water.
These boats are not a Steelheader, but for the $ they are good value and well engineered.
Tight lines!

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Hey Guys
Thanks for the further info. To be honest this has become a mission! Because I live in NZ, I've run into a classic Catch 22 with Cabela's. They have a policy that they will not allow you to buy a product that has to air freighted overseas unless it is in stock. Sounds fair - except that the Skykomish seems to be permanently on back-order at Cabela's! So, I waitied 3 weeks for them to come into stock, went to order and found they'd pushed out to 6-7 week delivery!! I contacted Cabela's and they say I have to wait and hope. Not my style I'm afraid - I leave that to when I'm fishing!

Contacted Dave Scadden direct and he can deliver in 2-3 weeks but his freight costs are much higher than Cabela's. Soooo, this has led me to look at alternatives. Currently I'm liking the look of the Bucks Bags Extreme 11 and the Pac 1000. For me, the BB seems a little ahead because of the Stainless frame which seems to be very solid. I'm thinking that the larger diameter 'toons and more solid contstruction will handle river conditions a bit better than the Skykomish - and I'm not sure how often I'd use the stand-up feature. The BB has a stand up frame as an option if need be. Both BB and Pac have urethane bladders, good 'toon material and seem well reviewed. Just waiting on shipping quotes then I'll likely order.

ALos contacted Bill Day at Skookum - really nice guy and very responsive. Man I'd love a Steelheader, but the freight etc just blows my budget for now.

By the way, the Incept is actually made here in NZ. This is there site: http://www.incept.co.nz/waterstrider-inflatable-fishing-raft.htm

You'd think it would cost less here as a result....nope! They list it at NZ$1872 here (our dollar is about 80c US). I'm not going to have my 'toon in time for my next trip in 2 weeks, so I'm actually borrowing an Incept boat. I'm still leanig towards the 'toon though - I like the idea of being a bit out of the water and being able to row flat water easily. Oh yeah, Dave Scadden let on that his bladderless 'toons are made in NZ by Incept. Says something for their construction.. Incept re-sell his boats here - but too expensive.

Oh yeah (sorry for the rant - I've had too much coffee!) I spotted this yesterday - http://www.alibaba.com/catalog/11429161/Kodiak_Raft_Fishing_Boat_Package.html - it shows the Watermaster Kodiak - apparently made in Indonesia for US$710 dollars. Is that for real? Thought it was made in the good ol' US of A? I could be wrong here....
Any thoughts on the PAC/BB comparison would be appreciated.

I live in Wyoming and was and the international sportsmens expo a couple of weeks ago in Utah and I looked at the Dave Scadden boats and they look nice but the prices are pretty steep. I also read on another website that I'm registered on that a few people that had Dave's boats said the boat was great but the seats were really uncomfortable and they ended up buying a different brand pontoon boats.
I'm thinking that the pack master pontoon boats are if I remember right they had at the expo fold up into a back pack and they where expensive but looked well built and a great idea.
I did'nt see anywhere on here about talking about other websites so I hope I don't get in trouble But the www.bigfishtackle.com website has reports and you can ask questions on there about anything. There is also a lot of info. on fly fishing there in Utah and I and I think that there is also a place above all the state listings that also has some more fly fishing information.
I hope it's okay to share other websites for people to look at. I'm not trying to take people away from this website just trying to let you find some info. about places you may have never been and might want to get some more info. That's why I joined you great website because I love to learn new things all the time even if it's across the world or usa you can often find info. to help your fishing success.
Good luck fishing and tight lines

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Hi Luckybalboa, that's an interestiong idea. The freight is around $500 so it would be interesting to see what it would cost to get a couple of good tubes sent here and get a frame welded. The only real issue I can see with this is that there isn't an established industry here making Pontoons - so I'd be relying on a fabricator to (I guess) copy something from pictures. Worth having a talk too them though. Good thought, thanks!
I don't understand the remark about NFO/Scadden seats being uncomfortable. They appear to be the same ones Outcast uses. JoeFitzpatrick; Great link (www.classV.net) I'm going to apply some of those tips right away. In my humble opinion, it all comes down to "does the boat do what you ask and are you happy", lots of good products out there, and yes, you do get what you pay for......
If you fish Sage or G Loomis or Scott or any other premium rod, you'll agree it's worth the $. Same thing with boats, or other hardware, not always, but a good rule of thumb.
I am looking at buying a Dave Scadden boat, and I was wondering what you guys think about the madson river, skykomish sunrise, and the northwest express. Are the differences significant? I don't think Cabelas carries the NW express. Also, specifically on the skykomish sunrise, it is now offered in a longer thinner pontoon design, and a different pontoon material that has a lifetime warranty. Does anyone have one of the new style?

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