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Winter is almost over but them I am not a seasonal tier. I have been working on some feather wing flies and was thinking it would be fun to get a spey fly swap going. So, 6 to 8 tiers (no more than 8), any type of wing and body, the only requirement will be a spey style hackle. The due date will be 30 days after the swap closes. New tiers are welcome to join in.

1. Christian - nemesis - got them:thumb:
2. Monkey Salad - Night Ripper - Got them :thumb:
3. FT - Orange Heron - Got them :thumb:
4. RDL - Got them:thumb:
5. Brain Thomas - Got them:thumb:
6. Nick - sol duc:thumb:
8. Cameron - got them:thumb:
9. Marty – Orange Tri Color - done:thumb:

I have all the flies and will be sending them out on Monday, great swap


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I haven't done a fly swap for years because I was very disappointed in the quality of the flies I had gotten from most who had participated in those swaps. However, since my employer eliminated my position putting me between jobs and since I've seen some of your work and know that your flies are very good, I will tie Glasso's Orange Heron for the swap.

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