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Nick Riggs

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I wouldn't mind tying an extra. Plus, have you looked at Cameron's gallery? You know we'd be getting an awesome fly!


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How would you all feel if I tied the same pattern but in 8 different colors. So everyone would get a fly that would be just a little different. In fact if you want to choose your color I would be game for that as well. The wing would have to be black, red, purple, or orange. Let me know if this works.
Hey Guys-
I polished off my flies. It is a pattern more or less of my own design. I am not including the recipe on the toe tag because it seems more efficient to do it here -

"Night Ripper"

Hook: AJ sz. 3, Silver
Tip: X-small Gold Oval Tinsel
Tag: Black Floss
Body: 1/2 P-Cock, 1/2 Purple Angora
Body Hackle: Fuchsia Pheasant Rump
Collar: Teal
Wing: Kip Tail


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Monkey great job, sweat tie. The pheasant rump feather is a nice touch. Where did you get the feathers. I have never seen them in that color.

Charlie Erdman

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Because I wish I was in this swap and really because I wish I could tie this well, I have to point out that my boy Monkey Salad has only been tying for about a year...and his nickname is protege. Are you planning on posting photos of all the patterns? Marty, those ties are nasty.