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The more we know, the less we can learn!
Ive been looking into a lot of different Pontoons and have searched the threads here I am seriously thinking about the outfitter 300 for the price it doesnt seem I could get a better boat for the money and does anybody know if this is an exact replica of the trout unlimited boat at cabelas or is the trout unlimited rouge boat actually a better boat?
If anyone has an outfitter, DO YOU LIKE IT? On the costco website it says the boat is class 2 river rated, but the trout unlimited is only rated as a class 1 any thoughts on this?
The Boat that Costco has in its warehouse( Not online) is now The Outfitter XT the Assembled size is 104"L x 58"W x 26” H (to top of the seat ) It looks the same as the Rogue made by Classic Accessories. The one online was last year’s model and according to the man at the Silverdale Store they had to return all of last year’s last summer because of problems.(I just bought the XT and put it together and am very surprised how will it seem to be built and is class Two rated. This one according to the Manual is made in Hong Kong Worldwide Sourcing, LTD. /www.worldwidesourcingltd.com/outfitterxt/
ok i think i am buying this one!

1 month of reviewing it and searching info......

Costco said i could return it after trying it IN THE WATER ALSO......soooo NO LOSS!!!!!!! manager information also!
What diameter are the pontoons on the Outfitter XT? I don't see that info in the specs. I saw one on display at Costco in Vancouver this afternoon but it was only partially inflated so they looked a bit skinny.

BTW I believe it was $299.
Chadk Those two boat are last years and are made by Classic Accessories and are the ones they have some trouble with (Outfitter 300 ) and Costco returned them returned them and the 300 is not the same boat that Costco has in its stores the reason I know this is I just bought one the XT and it only ways 79lbs. also those are last year’s models and I called Classic Accessories in Kent Phone: Kent: 1-253-395-3900
Toll Free: 1-800-854-2315 and the sale person said Costco was out of them and had just reordered new ones Costco online said when they get the new one they will update their website. The diameter of the Xt is around 15" and 48” around. The Costco warehouse said that they also do not stock the same as online at least that’s what the store told me when I bought my XT.


The more we know, the less we can learn!
James so what your saying is costco online is still selling the old crappy last years model and I would be better off just going to the store to try to find the new xt right? oh and by the way everyone else thanks for the info I am very new to fly fishing and love the great responses from this forum.
anyone else from sequim area I would love to find someone for a few lake outings in the coming months maybe show me the ropes a little I have fished quite a bit at pooh's pond and caught a lot of trout there so I do have an Idea of what im doing!
PM me if you would like
I was wondering if I misread your reply because it read like you were upset at my reply for letting you know what I found out from my research on the boats the reason I said this is it read to me like you were upset with me (oh and by the way everyone else thanks) to me it sounded like you did not like what I wrote and if I up set you sorry you feel that way and if I am wrong I apologize to you.
I have some experience with Classic Accessories. I have one of their boats, the TU Colorado 9. It is a nice boat EXCEPT for the bladders. I have had two bladders fail in the seam on the right side. I have the new ones here but I'm afraid to install them. The bladders on this boat have two partictions in each bladder. I have been able to keep it on the water but have lost my safety margin. To Classic Accessories benefit they have stood behind their equipment.

I saw an XT at Costco today. It looks to me that their bladders only have one compartment. Otherwise looked OK to me. Has a transport wheel also which is nice. Also buying from Costco gives you some safety. You can buy some boats cheaper but I don't know if they are any better.



The more we know, the less we can learn!
Sorry james not trying to be rude your response was great and very helpful sorry for comin over on the rude side
Ok bout it, took 35 min to set up! oh yeah the outfitter XT is the same, as the 300 but fixes with the prior issues I guess.

I R A NOOB when it comes to this! it was ez! My only problem will be i have a Durango to take it in.... that is it..no trailer but i will figure it out.

gonna try it out on a lake 1st......probably Myron lake 1st and set up the center of gravity and all that.

the best part was that they will take it back after i use it.

I bought some extra bungees, life jacket, double action hand pump, and some more stuff.!!!!! i can't wait. will post you the news soon......BTW they stripping apron they say in the manual is not the same you get in the box...... the one in the manual looks better!
well one day on lake.

the double C clamps on the oars FAILED .lol nothing that 5 sec and a screwdriver couldn't fix. but that is one tool i didn't have.

the damn thing is heavy what 90 lbs? even with the wheel which is very loose. -.-

I am seriously thinking about taking it back now. I might fix the dumb oars...then hit the river.

It moves nice on the water......AFTER I fixed the wheel so it wouldn't drag..lol <---my fault

I do think taking it back would be better......also if you buy this Called the manufacture to get the better apron that comes with the manual...nothing else you get 2 aprons that way and it is free.

I think i would rather get a new Fishpond back pack and foot it!


The more we know, the less we can learn!
warmonger thanks for the update after a use I am still thinking about getting one as a starter boat til I can afford a better one. but all in all for the price at 299 you cant expect super quality. Would you say it was or wasnt worth the 299. I mean I think you would probably have to pay double for a boat that you would expect to be great quality.
you did say it moves good in the water and it didnt sink right?
thanks for the update!
As I said before the pontoon boat in the Store is not the same boat as on line the one online is last year’s model according to the people who makes them and the one in the store is the Outfitter XT not the outfitter 300 ( it looks same but built a little better I think and changed some as I have the new XT) only weighs 79 lb’s With the wheel, and around 70 without it.

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