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Any bet that involves beer sounds like a fun bet to me. Supposed POS TFO versus Sage Xi2. Beach Rod Smackdown 08.
I'd like to be involved, in the beer drinking part that is. ;)
Anyone up for an exhibition match before the main event? The contestant who chugs four beers, runs down the beach and casts to 80' first will be declared the winner. WFF Drunken Beach Rod Smackdown 08...


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Sub-card contenders? Proponents of St Croix, Rainshadow, Lami, GLoomis, Redington, Beulah, etc.. Come One, Come All! Step on up! This could become a real happening.
How quickly this thread was reduced to another blathering that can be interperated as, "Mine is bigger than yours. Let's measure"
I won't attend. I'm sure the results will come up on WFF.


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Try this for a twist... a blind 'taste test'. Blind for each participant and have him\her cast 3 or 4 rods. Then rate each rod base soley on the blind feel of the rod in hand and casting stroke.
You'd need a way to mask any obvious differences, like cork grip shape\feel for example...
i dont like the TFOs either. I think they are a POS. --D3Smartie

Any decent opinions on WFF usually provides someone an idea of the merits or shortcomings of the piece of equipment in question. However, making a statement that any equipment is a POS really doesn't give the one who first posted the thread much help.
The original poster -- and WFF deserve better.
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Did i say anything les? the original guy called you out, although i dont blame him. Most of your posts lately seem to have little to do with the topic. He asked for opinions. I gave him mine, and hey, atleast i threw in some other opinions and options for him to look at. :eek:

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