Post in Classifieds Mysteriously changed by it's self?

I had a post in the classified forum about a truck and got 2 posted replies, then I posted a reply asking how I can up-load pictures to the post. Today I looked at it and the 2 original replies, plus my question about up-loading pictures have disappeared. Where they removed or did I click on the wrong button and remove them by accident myself?

Also how do you post pictures to the forums? I do not have them on a web site they are just in my computer at home.

Chris Scoones

Staff member
Your truck sale post is still there, it's just that the forum lists discussion topics in order of the last date / time it was updated so yours has floated down to the 2nd page.

Go there, scroll to the bottom, instead of adding a quick reply select "go advanced". Look below to the "Additional Options" area and you will find a button for "Manage Attachments". Once that window is open you can browse to the images you want to upload to the discussion topic. Remember to hit upload after you have selected the images you want added.


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