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dead in the water
Anyone have a suggestion for removing dead fish smell from a dog who though it would be great fun to roll in the rotting remains of a salmon?

I was checking out a local salmon stream to see how it looked now that the water had come down. Dog found something he just had to roll in. didn't stop him in time. Now he smells like death. Had to drive home with all the car windows open.
My dog does that all the time. He loved the aftermath of this year's pink run...

I would love to hear some good suggestions also. The dog shampoos I use are ok at getting the smell out, but it takes a few washes to get it all out.

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I'd put some barnyard manure out in the back yard and let him roll in that. It won't totally eliminate the dead fish smell but will mask it a little.

Kent Lufkin

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Last week, my dog found a dead critter of some kind out in the gully behind the house. He came back with a huge grin and slimy, decomposing organic matter smeared all over his ears, muzzle and neck. My daughter took him to our local do-it-yourself dog washing parlor. One hour, a pair of rubber gloves and $17 later, he wasn't grinning anymore but he sure did smell a lot better.


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Maybe tomato juice will get the stink out- it's supposed to work on skunked dogs- seems that'd be worse than a dead fish.


dead in the water
A quick run around the internet gives up:

Old wives tales: Tomato juice (I am skeptical that this works)
Mixes of stuff: dish soap (to cut the oil), shampoo, and peroxide
Hippie cleaner: Vinegar (cleans everything, or so my enviro friends tell me)
Industrial de-skunker: Skunk-off by Thornell

No idea how well any of these work. But given the number of dog lovers here, there HAS to be someone on this forum who has advice for this problem.


Ryan Haseman
Why the heck do dogs do that!?!?!
I would like to add for the sake of us who own insane/semi-retarded poochies, please please please bury your business if you're doing it in the woods. I wont go into detail but there's nothing that ruins a day of fishing like a long ride home with "skid mark the wonder dog"


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This really works...from the Spokane Spokesman-Review from a decade ago.

One part hydrogen-peroxide

One part baking soda

A dash of Dawn Detergent.

Mix apply to dog and rinse after five minutes. Oh yeah, it was for skunks.
But if it can get rid of skunk odor...dead fish are a cinch.


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The tomato juice works well mixed with baking soda and doggy shampoo. I've had several occasions I had to bath my dogs due to skunks and dead carcases.

Good thing I take them in my truck, I'd probably get sick all the way home if they were in the cab.


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My chesapeake had a bad habit of doing the same at the end of the humpy season in Ketchikan. The tomato juice and baking soda does work.


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When I was a kid my shetland pony had a run in with a skunk (thought he was a guard pony). We washed him in tomato juice and it did help.
Good luck.

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