Winter Break from the Snow

Are getting the last month of duck season shot from all the snow and then so much cold in January called a buddy and said lets get the hell out of here.

Called a guide I know in New Orleans and said were coming when can you fit us in. Got three days in late February and had a blast on reds and black drum. Even if we did get shutout the last day as it was too windy. Two days fishing beat the heck out of what was going on in Idaho.!
Got some beauties, nice going. My winter brake is coming up in 24 days: Palm trees and red fish in the back country, yee haw!

What flies did you use?
No, I haven't fished the SF yet and really rarely fish there. Just got better spots for what I like to do. The reds were all caught on crab patterns and I am thinking real hard about going back next winter. Weather is a crap shoot but there ain't no snow in Louisiana!

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