Implications of Sand Lance Life Cycle in Relation to Fly Fishing on Puget Sound

Ethan G.

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Apparently I live next to one of the biggest sand lance spawning areas in Puget Sound.

Fox Statler- Those patterns look awesome. I'm gonna have to tie some up for SRC's and salmon.
Man, i just pulled out catch record card and then looked back at wading at pt no pt. It was rediculous the amount of sand lance that would just swarm my legs on the beach. Back and forth back and forth they would go. If i only i knew to flyfish....:(
I know the feeling M.A.T, I was thinking I should get one of them real tiny flys and a fine leader and go hand fishing without a rod. It might be the next rage in fly fishing, extreme sand lance on the fly


Steven Green

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I remember that a couple times shane. I remember saying, " These damn little fish are annoying " in between complaints that no salmon were biting ha ha ha


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A lot of the times i have found the big pods of sandlance but they will be unmolested, even when there are a lot of predators in the area. Sometimes a popper can be the best thing in a situation like that. Seems to trigger the strike when they otherwise wouldnt be inclined to eat.
Earlier when the pinks were running and me and chris were there everyother day it was crazy...wave after wave of the little guys. Your right though, whole season, what the hell go away little fish :(
There will be color photos and life histories of all popular salmon baitfish and krill in Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon II in the Salmon Feed chapter. Watch for it by mid-May.


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I know that Les is far too modest to mention it, but when the book comes out, we will be having a big booksigning party here at Orvis. We'll have some food, champagne and a bunch of guys tying salt water salmon flies.

I'll keep you all posted.