WDFW Steelhead Changes

Hey Chris,

I am 22 and moving out to your area in May and am trying to get acquanted with the overwhelming rules that WA has for fishing. I am from WI so I am not used to this many rules. Is there any Master of Web Pages to look at concerning which (and when) waters are open and the different classes of regulation? Also, what are the different types of restriction classes for gear? There must be some lingo here because I have been monitoring this site and sometimes end up confused by the conversations you gentlemen have. Otherwise this is a great site, keep it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you much. Good fishing to you.


Chris Scoones

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Hi Josh,

Too many rules due to so many anglers and a hot resource around salmon & steelhead. There are also a few lakes & rivers with selective rules to lift the quality of the waters (The Yakima River is a good example) It is challenging having to review the rules of specific waters but your in luck, there is a spot which puts all this under one wrapper.

[link:www.wa.gov/wdfw/fishcorn.htm|WDFW - Washington Dept of Fish & Wildlife]

They make the rules, they provide the rules as well as all the updates.

And, if you have any questions on the lingo email me off-line and I'll help you out.

Welcome to the state. (since your not from Cali, heh)



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Speaking of new regs. I know they upped the limit on the Klick to 3 rats a day. Anybody heard if its mandatory retention to go with it? That would be nice...