Another Martha Lake Report


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My second time fishing this year. Another slow day with only two browns brought to hand and an LDR rainbow. The water temperature was warmer than a week and a half ago and a lot more chironomids hatching. I showed up a little after 9:00am but was later told that there were a lot of trout rising before that. Oh well...

The same fly worked as last time for both browns: a Thin-Mint Leech with grizzly hackle. The first brown was 12" and the second was a sweet 16". The second brown was more skill than luck, as I had eyeballed a section of water that looked very, very fishy. My first cast paid off. Halfway through my retrieve, it was fish on! Once again, Martha Lake pinches on quantity but delivers quality. I can live with that. :thumb:

Fly Notes:

The weird thing about that particular TML is that I think the hackle feather might have come off of a cape meant for dry flies. I wish I could remember why I tied it that way, but I did. I think I might have liked the way the long hackles looked at the base of the feathers. You know: long and kind of webby and the stuff you would normally not use for your dry flies. That fly was left over from a year or two ago, and I tried copying it with some other soft grizzly hackle. Once wet, I realized I had used some other kind of hackle with the original. Only the original fly produced for me through the day. Go figure. :confused:
I usually bring a hole punch to the lakes I fish and punch the gill plate, that way I know when I catch the same fish twice.
That's way better than the branding iron I use. Hole punch would sure pack a lot easier.

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