Chehalis Area Lakes

The wife says I have to start catching fish or no more fly tying materials. I'm just a little addicted and need some help, ANY HELP. Any ideas for the Chehalis area (Lewis County)? I just figured out how to join the site today, but have been coming here for a couple of months, great site
Go to and then Go to Lewis County. There are three pages of lakes in Lewis County. Take some notes, ask in some sporting goods stores, and check the regulations then choose a lake and get going.



Be the guide...
Do you have a boat or float tube?

Plummers lake usually gets a good stocking for the opener. They even used to put browns in (got my first brown there when I was a kid).

Look into the skookumchuck (open seasons) and try for cutties, whities, salmon, steelhead. (not a lake, I know...)

Mineral lake is very popular and gets a ton of stockers including big trips. It also used to get browns and probably still does.

There is a small lake right in Onalaska (forget the name right off), but it has good access, planted generously, and also gets browns some years.

For bigger water, try Riffe ('silver trout', kokanee, cutties, bows, smallmouth, etc) and Mayfeild (tiger muskies, trout, bass, and everything else).
Thanks for the info. I have a smokercraft and a u-tube. I have been practicing at Swofford and I'm ready for something new. Thanks alot!

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