Washington Steelhead Photo Tribute

Well with all the doom and gloom, guys hitting only a few fish this year I thoght I would slant this to a more positive vibe. Post your Washington steelhead shots YOU enjoy.

Sorry gents I don't want to lock anyone out - Post any Steelhead photos you want - My BAD.



Proud to Be Alaskan
I haven't been so lucky (or foolhardy enough? ;) ) to chase steelies in WA (unless you count once when I was 13 when I fished the green for an hour by a bridge) so heres a few from AK


Rob Zelk

I swing, therefore i am.
Steelhead, such a love hate relationship... Love to catch, see, wonder about, hold, and release the beauties. Hate the fishless hours on end, the gas money it takes, the borderline insane patience it takes... One thing, there is nothing more humbling than loosing a fish of a lifetime, or any steelhead for that matter, after you've tried so hard and put so much of yourself into getting to where you almost succeeded in your quest. So now, a tug for me is success of great measure. Its a borderline crazy addiction. To the point where, sometimes I wonder why I even fish for them. Then all it takes is a tug, and I forget about all those tough times...

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