Fishin Buddy Fish Finders

Looking for some reviews or comments on the Bottom Line Fishin' Buddy Fish Finders. Actually looks like Humminbird is now making them and must have bought out Bottom Line. I actually have an older model, a 1200, that is at least 5 years old and seems to have expired on me as I tried to use it on Pass Lake the other day to no avail. In spite of new batteries and everything can't get it going. I am thinking of getting another one. Curious, how many guys are using them and what is your experience? To be honest when mine was first new and maybe for a few years after that it seemed like it actually picked up fish. In recent years however I had no confidence in fish finding feature but did use the depth and water temp features. It was always nice to see the drops in lakes not familar with. Which one are you guys using? Comments please. Thanks.

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