Rattler Country?



I take a 5 day trip on the Deschutes in central Oregon every May. We can usually plan on 2-3 snakes a day buzzing us. You give them a little respect though and they will leave you alone. The Deschutes has it all, rattlers, lizards, scorpions and I just heard this weekend how the husband of one of my wifes friends got bitten by a brown recluse spider there as well. Now that freaks me out. The rest are just wildlife.

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It just came to me like a cold slap in the face from a standing wave -- what those rattlers sound like. It's just like your cell phone set on "vibrate".

I hear that the new wisdom on snake bite is don't fool around with the snake bite kit, no slicing the skin between the fang marks, no sucking out the poison, just get medical attention promptly. Try to tie off the affected limb to restrict blood flow, and try to keep the victim from getting excited or exerted. For rattlesnakes, anyway. For some Australian snakes and sea snakes, you might as well relax and open your oldest bottle of brandy, because you're not going to make it to the hospital.

If I was you (help stamp out the subjunctive now), I'd stay away from Nunnaly and Lenice. And the Descutes. And you'd think you'd be safe on the Yakima in a boat, but they hang around all the boat launches. And they swim out to chase down pontooners. Below Roza-- a veritable snake pit! Don't even think about Rattlesnake Creek unless you have a kevlar suit. In fact, I'd just forget about Eastern Washington entirely. Just go the the Skykomish or something.


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I know my friend wouldn't mind my sharing this...

My primary fishing buddy over here is an Hispanic gentleman who is deathly afraid of snakes. Last year it seemed that no matter where we went, he always saw at least one snake, yet I never seemed to "get lucky" (though I did see a bear one day down on the Umatilla on Oregon).

I always asked if he'd seen a rattler, and he never knew because he always freaked out. As time went on, I started joking with him about the snakes preferring him because of his hot Mexican temperament, which is of course a stereotype (you know that, right?)

Anyway, we ended up with a humorous understanding that as long as I always took him along on my trips into the wilderness, I'd never get snakebit because they'd always seek him out.

So the moral of the story is that you need to find yourself a Mexican fishing buddy for your trips over to the east side. Trust me, those snakes will pass up the old white guy every time.

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No, no not the Skykomish. I just got back from the Sky doing redd counts and it is literally crawling with rattlesnakes. By the time it reopens it won't be safe to be anywhere near the river. Did I mention the coral snakes and pit vipers too? How about the Nile Virus infected mosquitos? I would be safe people and just stay away.



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OK, My little bro and I fish Douglas Creek every summer and we wear leather chaps (thick bullhide) and carry snake shot in our pistols. Haven't had too many problems. We actually try to find them on occasion.}( }( We've been looking for rattlers to snack on ever since I shot up a fat bullsnake and we threw it on the bar-b. Tastes like chicken. Barbequed with pepper and bbq sauce. Not a bad little meal, if your hungry. The coolest thing was how that snake squirmed for 30 minutes after we skinned it and lopped the head off.

Since I swell up like a fat little porker when I get stung by a bee I don't want to find out how swol I get from a snake bite. So I carry a snake bite kit wherever I go, if nothing more than to offset the fact that I am a bee magnet.:bawling

Any one out there been bit before. I have been in a pit of Rattlesnakes and by staying calm since they were all asleep and I had not yet stepped on one they were just sleeping in the sun I walked out without even waking them. I am now more careful watching where I am walking rather then just talking to the guy I was out in the dessert with. I was walking back after hitting a boulder with the axle of my truck and we were talking about what the wives would say about the damaged truck and trying to get our stories straight and figure out what to do about the rig with a broken drive line. We were not paying any attention on where we were walking. Myself I still worry more about ticks then I do snakes at least snakes are big enough to be seen. Plus I never have yet heard of anyone being bitten only scared.:eek
So once again I ask has anyone out there been bit by a snake before and if so what did you end up doing about it.

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