"It's not if you fall in, it's when!" Slickest river bottoms.

Luke Ramirez

Still DoubleUgly
how about the cedar! I did one of those "completely in the air and comin' down ass first" kind of falls there. still hurts to think about...


The Dude Abides
I concur on the spokane...that sob almost has killed me to

My worst is the Crooked River in central oregon. The river spits snot and puts it directly on the rocks....and i broke my first rod on that river after hitting a slide rock...damn it
From my personal experience:
1. Hands down, the Thompson. I was face down in the water before I knew I even fell.

2. Rock Creek - greased bowling balls (but not as big as the Thompson's balls) comes to mind.

From my own (limited) experience, nothing else even comes close.


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The slimy, bedrock bottomed rivers (umpqua, deschutes) are the ones I don't like. They're unpredictible. Next would be large slimy rocks, which I hear the Thompson is king of.


Sculpin Enterprises
A second vote for the Elwha between the dams. The upper Elwha, with its mix of substrate sizes, is a piece of cake. But that section between the dams is mostly larger boulders because the dams block the renourishment of smaller sediments. Between rocking boulders and irregular shapes that aren't stabilized, I've barked my shins and dunked myself more on that section than anywhere else I've fished.



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I've waded much of the water listed here, the Thompson would be at the tip top of my list. The rocks are more like boulders, and its like they are covered in snot, slime and then grease. The Thompson is cold in November!

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