Durability of single foot guides?


Geriatric Skagit Swinger
I'm wondering how these things hold up to avid angling, bushwacking etc. Do they stay on as well as snakes or do you need to "baby" them some?

Charlie S

Confrimed Reprobate
Now, there is a difference between avid and careless. I'm avid and well over 60, so I'm slower and more careful. I have played a 125 lb+ tarpon with single foots with not a problem, same with large trout. But then again I have pulled them out from their wraps when going through tangles of mixed bushes and thorns when I jerked on the rod too hard.....if you are a little careful and not too avid (grin) they stand up fine.


Geriatric Skagit Swinger
Thanks Charlie! I had to type that post kinda fast last night as dinner was on the table. After thinking on it some, I recall knocking a snake guide loose on an overhead tree limb and once having the tip top come off after contact with the fly while double hauling in the wind.

So...maybe I'm not as rough on 'em as I think. I think I'll wrap with them and see how it goes.
I used the forhan locking wrap on my last 5wt
necessary ? small streams can get slick in summer.
never knocked a guide loose yet but?
Think Ifound it at rod building.org
I personally wouldn't worry about the difference when bushwacking and whatnot. You have to wack some pretty big bushes to pull off a guide either way. I would use the locking wraps because I can't think of a good reason not to.

Have you looked at REC Recoil guides? They are made from a titanium alloy: very lightweight and won't corrode under any conditions. You can bend them down to the rod and they snap right back into shape. I wouldn't do that very much as I would worry about the wraps, not the guide. Kind of cool to show someone who has never seen one. I would not do this with a regular guide. RECs are more expensive of course but not all that pricey compared to the overall cost of rod components. Some people don't like the sound they make when line slides over the guides.


Geriatric Skagit Swinger
I'm gonna use the guides that came with the kit from Dan Craft. The locking wrap seems like a good idea...at least for the tip section, but If I use 'em I'll probably lock them all.

Thanks for your help guys!
Remember to put a locking wrap at the top and you should be fine.
I second that. Do a locking wrap and don't give it second though. If that's not enough, consider the fact that many manufacturers are coming out with rods with the single foot guides. They wouldn't be doing that if they were concerned with the durability. I would think that it would cost them a lot more to replace the guide than to just go with standard snakes the first time.