Olympic National Park Regs...

Hi all,

Just received a letter from the guys at the ONP Re: the proposed regulation changes that Little Stone brought to our attention...

You can check out the changes at:

Just click on the link that says "Public Comment on Fishing Reg Changes" and scroll to the bottom (the top is just the proposal, but the bottom explains what was implemented).

Looks like most of the streams are now C&R, single barbless hook... Thanks to Little Stone for calling attention and thanks to those of you who responded!!

I hope this wasn't a previous post -- I looked and didn't see an update...


Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
From what I can tell the Park service had to do the politically expedient thing and not significantly curb the harvest of steelhead and salmon on waters also affected by tribal netting. There is still a very unclear and precarious problem with fish managers fearing the dreaded "foregone opportunity' every time they consder limiting harvest on an alloted run of fish. I am glad for the proposals that did pass into the regulations, especially the full protection for trout in the Elwha River within Olympic National park. It was good to see that the Park service has made a renewed commitment to public information and enforcement regarding their fishery, and has opted to keep the "fly fishing only" waters of the Hoh River intact throughout the season. A big problem with redirecting late season harvest to the lower river(s) is that it would put a tremendous harvest pressure on late run fish and lower river spawners, possibly threatening that run of fish. Perhaps a thank you note to the Park service would be in order.

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