Salmon and Pesticides


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I am a member/customer of Puget Consumer CO-OP aka PCC Natural Markets. They are the largest community owned and opperated natural foods retailer in the US.

This was taken from their monthly newsletter and I found it quite interesting:

Salmon and pesticides
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency documents show there is significant harm to salmon from many herbicides. The herbicides get into our streams, impacting endangered salmon and other aquatic species. Herbicides used by the Washington State Department of Transportation are known to kill salmon directly or cause decreased survival rates by reducing their ability to avoid predators, fend off disease, or spawn.

Studies by the U. S. Geological Survey found pesticides contaminating every single watershed tested in Washington. Especially concerning are 2,4-D and dichlobenil, two herbicides used by the WSDOT that are found in 100 percent of USGS tested streams and have known impacts to endangered salmon. The chemical companies themselves advise that berries sprayed with 2,4-D and Dicamba are unsafe to eat.

The DOT is currently studying the risks and benefits of maintaining roadsides without pesticides. It spends $21 million yearly on roadside chemicals. Now is the time to let the DOT know citizens want it to honor local no spray policies and stop spraying our roadsides. Please contact:

Doug MacDonald, Secretary of Transportation
phone: 360-705-7054
P.O. Box 47300, Olympia, WA 98504
[email protected]
ā€” Nancy Schaaf, No Spray Coalition

Editor: This is a statewide issue. Five counties (Island, Snohomish, Jefferson, Clallam, and Thurston) have passed no-spray policies for county roads. King County does not spray county roads on Bainbridge Island, Vashon Island, Maury Island, or in the Snoqualmie Valley. The DOT, however, continues to spray in all these areas.
Thanks for posting this. I made a point to send in my opinion - hope everybody does the same.



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Thanks; I wrote a little terse note to the address given. I don't know how much of this disgusting news about the destruction of the world I can take. I just want to retire, drop out, tune in (mostly to fishing) and forget about all this crap. But I can't. I guess I never will so I might as well deal with that. I fought for conservation as a teacher for 28 years and thus I thought I had paid my dues and it was now time for the young to pick up the load. But it seems as if the young will need all the help they can get, including this writer.


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