Steven Green

Hood Canal Pirate
Took the long half mile trip down to Salsbury Point from my house to wet the line afer work. I tied on a popper to see if I couldn't scare up any strikes from the cutthroat and also because I was trying to avoid rockfish/bullhead that seem to follow me everywhere I go. Naturally as I brought the popper back in for another cast a bullhead took the fly :beathead: I think I am carrying a curse or something. I'd love to fish down there with someone that catch anything but Bullhead sometime :thumb:


Jake Bannon

nymphs for steelhead....
At least your catching bullhead, Ive been down to the beach the last 4 times and have landed not one. Thank god for upcoming summer steel;)

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Steven, I'll be hoping to catch the cousin of one of those bullheads (sculpin)in an hour or so.
I was thinking...you could "go with the flow" and become the world's foremost expert on fly fishing sculpin! You know, make lemonade out of those bullhead lemons....:rofl: (just a passing thought... or maybe it was just gas:clown:)


"Ride'n Dirty."
I'll agree with at least you got a tug. I've been to the beach a few times now and nothing. I'm now trying to think of a river that is open. Good luck.

Steven Green

Hood Canal Pirate
Salsbury Point is a great park eh? Have you tried my "Popsicle Stick" yet Steven? I beached 6 fish Sunday.
I don't have the material for it. I figure the standard baitfish or attractor will do the job but it can't hurt to give it a try one of these days. Those 6 fish weren't at salsbury surely :thumb:
Larry needs to take his popsicle stick and shove it lol.

Im just kidding.....all your fancy flies and always catching fish is getting old though larry, just plain old. :)

Obviously i am jealous.


"Chasing Riseforms"
May have to take you guys out one of these days. My cutthroat fishing is slowing down now that lake fishing is approaching. I generally get away from them during the summer. I usually hit the outgoing tide. I'm beginning to think an outgoing tide around the 7 feet level is a good time to be on the beach. I have been using a dry line for the last 5 years, but finally got back to the wet tip and I think I am picking up more fish. I switch between the two lately. If you are fishing more shallow areas, the dry line is probably best. Just wait until Sept., Oct, Nov. and you will have a hay day. Have some of my Kilowatt Reds ready then. They really aren't working much now, although I haven't used them much lately. That darn Popsicle Stick has been working for me fairly well this Spring with a slow retrieve of 6-12". I have good luck sometimes when I put on a pattern that looks somewhat like a squid, tied with something like a pearlescent body and a cream or light peach marabou about 1/4 down from the eye, then a light pink or cream head. Also, light peach or cream marabou tail. It is a pathetic looking thing and not your fancy fly that I called the "Peaches & Cream". No fly tier would be impressed whatsoever. I'm still perfecting it a bit. You might experiment with marabou tho. Keep me posted.

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