Rock Lake, Whitman County - Big Rainbows & Browns


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I think Fish Fungus needs to be made an acquaintance with the back of someone's hand. The single poster that he is... May he fall victim to the Nigerian Letter. :p
We could glue a banjo minnow to a hook with gorilla glue and call it a streamer and fly fish with it.:D

I "tied" up some streamers with little plastic rubber bass worms once and added some feathers here and there.

The trick is you have to put the worm on the hook and than rap some duct tape around it because your thread will slice the worm. After the layer of duct tape is wrapped around the worm, add a base layer of thread and tie away. It will feel mushy but the flies come out looking juicy and delicious and swim like a perfect bass minnow.

It will cast like HELL and is easier fished on a spinning rod but you can troll it NP on a fly rod.

I ended up catching a lot of big trout on it and some salmon one day out in the sound.

So can be done.....
Hey Sorry about the slow response but some of us actually fish. The Big Show is a large minnow pattern that uses a 1 ott steelhead hook with alot of weight and a light colored belly. This pattern can be tied with a trailing hook or not. The bigger the better, this fly should look like a 3 to 6 inch minnow when it is complete. It is historicly tied with a black olive body or a gray white and black body as to imitate a spiny ray or a trout. Use your imagination BE THE FISH THAT YOU ARE AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU WOULD EAT... Oh YA Rocks in the Lake...YA
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