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John Hicks

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1) Alpinetrout

Bring the pain. Oh yeah and why the hell would you pick yourself? You only get half the points. I guess you have to post twice the pics :thumb:


Be the guide...
Clint and SAK - sounds like you like an underdog team for a challenge. But seriously, I'm not a competitor so I'd recommend taking me off your team. See Kevin's post about being married, having kids, and a demanding job, owning a home with a big yard, etc... Besides, this time period is one of my slowest fishing wise. I start getting serious around Aug through Feb. And also, I fish alone most of the time, and I'm not going to risk the fish just to get my ugly mug in a shot - so most of my pics would be 1/2 points. I'm sure I'll throw a few pics up like normal, but nothing like these other guys will produce...


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Are you going to cap the number on a given species? Mike, Jamie and I are going to be kicking out an awful lot of shad here in a month. I'm not sure Scoones is going to appreciate his pic board getting spammed with herring :)
I choose
1) myself
2) Panhandle.....I will if you will:thumb:
3) mediger
4) LT
5) FLGator

1/ alot:rofl:

3/4....great fisherman and do well on small creeks with huge browns and bows:thumb: in fly placement for the "Golden Bones" ;)
The Brown Stools*
(Aka. Brown Trout fanatics)

1. RockmountainBrown
2. KevinB
3. MoHound
4. Doughty
5. Myself

I'm counting on MoHound to pull through 'cause he never posts photos of the toady browns he catches.
With the 5 lb rule do length and girth measurements count or do we need pics of the scale? That fish calculator in my experience is complete crap. It always overshoots my rapala digital scale. Just sayin'

Also....are you frigging serious? Do you know how long it is going to take to upload that many photos! I just quit all my jobs just for this!

Mothers day caddis, big hole salmon flies, rainbow spawn on the horn, lightning bug on the yellowstone, carp spawn in canyon ferry, pike run in battle creek, creek opener, and what about paddelfish and catfish?

Do we get extra points for breaking state or world records?....say on maybe whitefish? :confused:

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