I need info on Washington Fly Fishing

I will be in Seattle June 8-15 and would like to do some fly fishing. I would like to do some stream fishing within 1 hr. from Seattle and some beach fishing in Puget Sound. Where would you suggest trying? I will be bringing a 5wt. and a 8 wt. what would be the best fly's for both? any help would be appreciated.


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Leave your 8wt at home. In June, all trout fishing and beach fishing can be accomplished with your 5wt. A floating line and 9 foot leaders tapered to 0x and 5x will cover both beach and stream. Bring your waders and rain gear.

If you're near Bellevue come see me at Orvis. If you are closer to Federal Way, go see Anil or Clark at Puget Sound Fly Fishing Co. We both carry specific Puget Sound flies The trout flies are fairly generic but weighted toward the river you may wish to fish. The water levels may still be high to the unusual amount of snow we received this winter and (yes) a couple days ago.


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