Amber Lake report 4/26

Went out to Amber on Saturday around one with my uncle and cousin. Started out using Chironomids both black and red. I caught one on both of my flies in the first hour and a half that were 13 and 14 inches, but my uncle and cousin became impatient and wanted to do some trolling with woolly buggers. We did that for the next hour and my cousin went into take a nap while my uncle and I stayed out on the water. Soon my uncle hooked up with two trout that were 14 inches each on an olive woolly bugger. Then it went cold for a while and my uncle missed quite a few strikes while I received no action while using the same fly. After a few hours it heated up, we caught 6 in 40 min with the biggest being 3 17 inchers. Went and woke up my cousin so he wouldn’t get skunked and he quickly picked up a 13 inch fish and then I caught another 17 incher on a black and blue chartreuse woolly bugger which was the last fish we caught that day. The weather was great, much better than last weekend and caught some nice fish. Great day spent with family.:thumb: