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Are you guys ok with tying different sizes for the various members based upon what they're likely to fish? It'd still be two flies of each size (20 total flies each)

for Ron McNeal: size 14 and 16
for spiritualized50 (Eric): size 14 and 16
for riseform (Nick): size 18 and 20
Obiwan: Pending
Mike Wilson: Pending

If that's too much of a pain in the rear end, we'll just go with 14 and 16 for everyone. Thanks again, I'm looking forward to seeing the designs.

Dan Cuomo

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Hi All,

I'm a new-be so far as tying goes, so I wouldn't dare torture anyone w/ my "creations." lol
I watched the video - amazing - and I've read through both threads. The stuff you all have been turning out has been a great education. I try to do the same sort of analysis and problem solving in my own training-wheels sort of way.

I hope you all keep posting pics either in this thread, or in the non-swap original thread, for those of us who are interested in seeing the ways in which you all work your respective way through this process.



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Swap update.

It seems I'm the only one who desired smaller sizes, so let's go to a uniform size for all participants to keep it less complicated.

It'll still be two flies of each size (size 14 and 16)
Due date is still June 21st. PM me for an address when you're ready.
I fished the pattern I took a picture of and posted in the Chironomid video post at Teal last weekend, it did very well. I caught 4 while I was using it, all were plants, but they hit it nicely and the fly sat in the water very well.
Mine are in the mail today. Sorry, they have been done and sitting for about two weeks. Just got crazy busy and forgot to mail them. Looking forward to seeing the results of this swap.


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Received Mike's flies on Saturday. Great job!

I'll have to figure out a reward for being both on time and the first arrival. I'll update as the others arrive.
Given the situation right now with the cam on my vice, I will have to potentially drop out of this swap. The only hooks that I can tie on are spey hooks/streamer hooks due to their greater diameter. I can submit a spey or a streamer tie for each if everyone agrees or jump out of of this swap entirely.


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Received Ron's flies yesterday. Another great job!

Bob (obiwankanobi) I feel for you with the vise issues. We can let you drop out without guilt (well, maybe just a little!) if there's no new cam on the horizon. Unless I hear otherwise from you or the others, I'll just return the extra flies.
Just keep the extras from me as I forgot to send you a little extra for hosting this swap. You have gone the extra mile beating the bushes to get this swap up and running. Thanks.:thumb: