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We've got a bunch of that "highslide" lightbox stuff recently added to photo.net for image viewing. I'm still undecided as to if (as a user) I like it. But then again, I spend way too much time on the internet doing stuff for both work/leisure. So I'm probably not the best person for a reasonable opinion.

Chris Scoones

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Agreed Josh. With my approach I'm just looking for anything that'll speed things up and save on proc. Jury is still out on that with lightbox, but doesn't seam to hurt. It does seam to display the photo faster than having to wait on a new browser window to open first.


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I like it Chris, but it is annoying that if you just click on the picture that it opens in a new window. I don't know what you can do w/ it programmatically, but it would be better to have it close or maybe open in a larger size. Just a thought.

I do like the feature though and it loads quickly for me!


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Chris, I recently noticed every time I click on the Orvis (Sponsor) Advertisement I'm directed to Patrick's Fly Shop.


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This has happened like five times now, either I'm bad or something is funny on the site. When I open or go back to main forum after reading a thread the forum's sub categories last post (or recent post) are sometimes old ones. Maybe it's me or my computer but it has happened several times. This last one was about five minutes or so ago. ????


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It happened again this AM. Recent posts show correct date and time but link me to something old...posted days ago? I was waiting to hear a reply or something...I don't know if this is happening to others or not? Sometimes recent posts on main forum are several days old with many new posts since then. :confused:


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Hi Chris,

There still seems to be a problem with the link on the front page to Orvis. I get sent to Patrick's instead.


Chris Scoones

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Thanks Steve. Fixed. Gotta find the bad page copy on my site laptop that keeps getting used when I get home.

By the way, it's in the 90's out here in Tampa. :) Unfortunately is 65 degrees in the computer room where I'm living 18 hours a day. bawling:
Think I like the old photo feature better (click, open, another click full size).

Now I click once to open, then click to get to black screen, click on that to open, then one more click for full size.

Four clicks as opposed to two clicks. Seems a lot slower for me (comcast with firefox).

My .02 Chris


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