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Anyone own a Sig GSR? How about a Springfield? Everyone I know seems happy with Springfield. I know Kimber has a huge following but I can't say I've been impressed, especially with the massive recall they had. I still have a small scar on my hand from where a Kimber "bit" me several times.

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Had a first gen Kimber, aluminum frame. Shot it to the point of not being reliable. Sold it, now I only shoot wheel guns.
I have owned kimber, springfield, colt, les baer, wilson combat and more! (not bad for a 24 year old.) Before My wedding i sold almost all of my guns off. Kimber customer service and warranty work has been shotty at best. And DONT change sights or modify the pistol yourself, they will not work on any modified parts. Needless to say, Im not a big kimber fan. I have no prior experience with the sig, although reputation would suggest that anything Sig puts out will be outstanding. If I were to make a suggestion in 1911's it would simply be to stay away from kimber, and by all means you get what you pay for. The best 1911 I have owned, or fired for that matter was my Springfield TRP tactical "operator". I had a surefire light mounted up front and trijicon night sights. Great weapon for any time of day or night.

Another thing to consider is the way your gun is engineered. If you are looking for great functionality and the ability to strip and clean the weapon in the field, I would highly suggest you get your 1911 with a heavy barrel. If you look closely you will notice that heavy barrel models do not utililize a front bushing. If you do have the front bushing, you will need a bushing wrench on hand to dissasemble. Keep in mind the 1911 is an older design, and tolerances are tight on an accurate, target model. It will nit take kindly to grit and grime in the pistol the way glock, HK and some other "tactical" weapons will. That being said, keeping it clean and cleared will be necassary in the field.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions or need help in the pistols dept!