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Chris Scoones

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Whiskey Creek on the Oly Pen has always been a good hit. Near the Town of Joyce, time it during Joyce Days if you can. I strongly suggest you try to ensure you get the spot below the office, down on the beach, at the end of the road that leads West. You will have a bathroom that'll make the wife happy and privacy. You are right on the beach and you will have to get used to the volume of the waves crashing 30' from your trailer.

The kids will love hunting for rocks. Ensure you time the trip with a low tide and you can walk up the beach around the point. Just around the first point to the West from the camp site is one of the few beaches with near perfect round rocks. The kids and wife always enjoy looking for them.

Bring your rods. Give the beach a go or if you prefer a stream, get away for a few hours and spend some time on the Elwah.

Not quite as close as you might prefer, but worth the drive.

Whiskey Creek Beach
Phone: 360-928-3489


-Marc Chapman, icthyoantagonist
Awesome, guys, thanks! I'll be compiling this list for the future campouts. Hopefully I'll have some trip pics & reports to give!
There is some great stuff down by Silver lake in Cowlitz co. Good panfish stuff for the mid day kid stuff. I get up early and go steelie fishing and come back to entertain the kids. Then sneak out for the evening steelie bite and back in time to be the camp fire GOD !!!

Mike Etgen

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Fort Flagler State Park, south of Port Townsend and about forty-five minutes from the Bainbridge Island ferry. About forty-five wooded camp sites in the upper campground. I don't have kids myself, but it appears to be very family friendly. It's also nice to have Port Townsend just thirty or so minutes away.

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