Best or Easiest type of line to use while learning Spey?

When we look at what is best for the Client we must first go with what information the client has provides. One of my jobs of casting instructor is answer the question was posed by the Clients.
The main concern is they want to be successful in their learning to Speycast.
The Speycommunity is small grouping in fact it is less than 2% of the total fly fishers
and it requires 40% of the education and time of the fly-fishing Industry

So let us look at Best VS Easiest.
The easiest line to learn how to Speycast is short Belly line or shooting head.
The best is a Double taper.
If we are looking to learn is a relatively short time op to go with a line that will be from three to three and half-rod lengths.
When choosing a line I leave very little to chance and not being affiliated with any line or rod manufacture gives me a little advantage. And though my Day on the River Program and The TryRack I have listened to what the public wants. By watch and listening to the comments made about lines and rods you soon see a pattern evolve. This pattern is that no one certain rod of line will be right for everyone.

I have been transitioning over my students to shooting head system and running lines for convince and economics.
The general public migrates to what is easiest for them to cast.
Now that we have your attention I hope that look at getting some help in preparation for you life time of fishing pleasure.
Try a lot of lines and rods before you venture to fair into the bank account.
If you already have your rod learn to cast it with as many combinations of lines as you can.

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