Harry dog

Here's the newest member of the family. 3 1/2 month old Golden retriever.
Hi, my name is Harry and I'm going to be a rooster pheasants worst nightmare.

Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
Welcome, Harry. You should be long-legged and ready to have your person chase you all over Central WA come next fall. Have fun with him- remember, he's no spring chicken so give him a break once in a while. And remember, flush lots of hens for him.
Congratulations on your new home, Harry.

a friend has a flat coat retriever, about 7 months old... the same age as my Vizsla. Anytime you are looking for a couple of other dogs to run in the fields with, give a shout!


Michael & Tanner
M&T, There are a few others that like to work the birds on this side of the mountains.
It would be fun to get together with a 1/2 dozen guns and dogs for a day of blasting.
Itchy, I might not have to much spring anymore, I just hunt smarter.


Idiot Savant
Harry and Gary...did you plan that one...?

Seriously, congratulations and enjoy the hell out of that pup...!

I'm always up for a day of guns and dogs. Throw a fly rod into the mix, and I'm never goin' back to work.

Tanner turned 7 months yesterday, and could use all the practice he can get. I'm going to run him ragged this fall.

Michael & Tanner
Good looking red dog there Michael. Hunting season should never end.
Roper, If my handle is Dirty Dog, then the dogs handle should be Dirty Harry.
My grandson named Harry and I didn't really think about it until you brought it up.
I think when hunting season rolls around "Dirty Harry" just might stick.
I got the dummies out yesterday and Harry retrieved his and returned it to on a dead run.
I'm always amazed at these golden dogs.


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Congrats Gary. Nothing like a new puppy.
I might be able to make it over for a day in the fields with the dogs next season. That could be great fun.

Yes, enjoy this time... And keep him having fun. You'll pay for it in about another month or two, when Harry hits his 'teenage' period. The "Gee...I don't seem to remember ANYTHING, and I don't GOTTA do NOTHIN' " stage. Fortunately, that period doesn't last TOO long...

I may head up to Granite Falls to the Sportsman Club this Saturday, and am hoping to get out fishing on Sunday.

Anybody up for running the dogs a bit either day?

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