Best mid to long belly floater?


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O.k. I think I'm starting to dial it in. I like my windcutter only for the floater and intermediate. As I've stated before; it sucks to throw the tips off of that lenght of belly. I like being able to launch a floater on a longer belly line, so I don't have much interest in casting a floater off a skagit head. So to remedy this I bought a Rio skagit for my tips. This leaves me with a Versitip system I won't be using aside from the floater. So, what I'm going to do is get rid of the windcutter and just get a full floater. that way I can just change between it and my Skagit system. Good plan? What lines should I look at. In my mind I picture a mid-long belly line (similair to the wincutter belly), but more supple. This line would be going on my 14ft 8wt Sage FLI. Thanks all.
I'd consider the Airflo Delta Long, a mid-belly line that seems to throw nicer, tighter loops than most others.
Yesterday, reading in the tackle forum of a British salmon fishing website, there was a consensus that the new Rio PowerSpey mid-belly has a more gently behaved floating tip than the MidSpey (though personally, I have no complaints with the latter).

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