line recommendations on a loomis 12'6" 7-8

Hi all,

thanks for the tips on the sage 10160-3, worked very well!

A friend of mine just bought a nice light spey rod, but doesnt know what line to use on it?

Any of you have any thoughts/ experience on what line to use here?

Length: 12'6"
Line: 7 - 8
Pieces: 3

Many thanks in advance
I own that same rod . The lines I`ve used , and liked are the Windcutter 7/8/9 (mine is the tips version) , the Airflow Delta 7/8 (really nice) , the old Rio 7/8 Scandinavian head chopped back a bit , and a new Rio AFS 6/7 head . I have`nt spent much time with the AFS head yet , but the other three lines I mentioned all match the rod well , the Rio Scandi head being my favorite .

I have that very same rod and it is a favourite with me.I have cast both the SA 7wt.500 graind and 8wt. 550 grain skagit heads on it and both cast great on it for me and my style of casting.